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Dog masks

Pet play has never looked so good! Our masks are made from stainless steel, brass or copper and are an exciting alternative to classic latex masks whilst still offering the same level of comfort. Refined design, affordable prices and a wide selection of products ensure a unique play experience.


Restrain them, fasten them and let them stew: anything is possible with our bondage equipment. We have a wide range of standing or lying pillories, Spanish donkeys and throat corsets which no one can get too comfortable with. Take a look and let off some steam!


With our variety of cages, no-one can escape the punishment they deserve. Whether standing, lying or crouching – you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting the appropriate punishment. Interested, but don’t have a lot of money to spare? While all our cages are high-quality and have exciting features, we have also taken care to ensure that they are all reasonably priced.


Are our cages, pillories and Spanish donkeys still not versatile enough for you? No need to worry, as we also have an extensive range of accessories. Whether you’re looking for restraints, ropes or cushions, our adapter system means that you don’t need any unnecessary equipment and expensive purchases. Have a look – we have something to meet every taste.