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The floor pillory has restraints for the wrists, ankles and head and puts the Sub in a crouching position that they can’t escape from. The stooped position of the body means that they can be gratified and punished in a wide variety of different ways. The floor pillory with rope adapters can also be used for bondage – take a look and let off some steam!

Floor Pillory Rope-Edition
Floor Pillory Rope-Edition

…and atone

You can also add a wide variety of accessories to the floor pillory: hand and ankle cuffs, a hip cushion or even a dildo support. Nothing stands in the way of your fantasies. High-quality and stable powder-coated steel, as well as a careful and thorough manufacturing mean that you don’t need to worry about your safety while using our floor pillory. Your neighbour pops round for a surprise visit? Our floor pillory and its accessories can be easily dismantled, stored away and hidden away from any prying eyes.


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