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Not a relaxing experience…

You can really get creative with our slings – with some help from our frames and mats. We guarantee a wobble-free user experience and a stable construction, meaning that you don’t have to hold back. The solid and stable mats allow the Sub to sit and lie down comfortably and they also help to make the Sub easily accessible.

Sling stand (4-point)
Sling stand (4-point)

…except when putting it together

The sling frame, available with either three or four legs, doesn’t take long to put together, there are no annoying attachments and you don’t need to make any holes in the wall or ceiling. The frame is easy to dismantle and put back together if you need the space or don’t want to have to explain what it is to the postman. The high-quality stainless steel makes the sling a real eye-catching piece of furniture.


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